All of us are selling something, from the spouse who is trying to get their partner to take better care of himself/herself, to the teenager looking to go out to a high school game with their new best friends, or the head of a congregation sharing a resounding message to change members life for the better here and in the hereafter. We all are actually trying to pitch our message to someone everyday of our lives. We are all salesmen.

Selling has an unfair association with being sleazy and trying to take advantage of someone. The fact is true sales people are educators. If you’re an ethical individual associated with selling, by nature your concentration will be on ethical habits: filling somebody else’s requirement, offering genuine advantages or services, or doing something helpful by assisting your consumers. There is absolutely nothing sleazy about that.

Sales Is Service of Others.

The essence of selling is learning exactly what somebody requirements and supplying it. From simple things like remembering the name of a customer’s dog to more involved gestures like opening the store at midnight to accommodate an urgent request, a good salesperson does his best to ensure that their customers feel heard, appreciated and even honored. You don’t have to own a million dollar brand to show a similar interest toward your customers. When you sell from a place of knowledge and kindness, your customers will respond favorably.

I spent my work life in some form of sales or sales related position, but I disliked the connotation associated with being a salesperson. Until I learned what truly selling was all about, I was always scared to tell someone something that would turn out to be untrue about a product or might cause them grief. It was partly selfish, because I didn’t want to have to face them in the future when they found out what I provided was not true or to their benefit. My first inclination was I was not a good sales person if I could not get them to sign an agreement that first meeting night. What I didn’t understand is that I couldn’t convince someone of something I didn’t believe in, nor could I convince someone of something I wasn’t educated enough about to share with them the advantages and disadvantage of them purchasing.

The light turned on about 4 to 5 years into my selling career when I started sharing the knowledge and information I had learned in previous years. I had trained and practiced and failed enough times until it became clear what my role and purpose was. For the best customers it was to educate them on making a buying decision, not convince them or scare them into signing an agreement that they would want to cancel before their 3-day right of rescission ended. The method of transparency was my choice of rendering service, many times I lost deal for being honest or fair, but when I won it was always huge wins, like customers sharing their experience with me with multiple friends, family and neighbors.

I never thought of myself as a seller but there’s no denying that I am. It’s really an attempt at persuasion, trying to get others to understand our point of view. People don’t like to be sold things. But they like to buy. In the traditional sense of selling, the goal is to benefit themselves, but in the modern truest way, it is to benefit the customers. It’s really about earning trust. Even the stuff that I give away has to be of great quality.

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