I believe that whatever is within your character is what you will attract. If you are a strong willed personality you will attract strong willed people that are principled and diligent about their activities. If you have a negative character you will attract that type of persons and experiences. If you have a positive outlook you will attract positive people who view that life brings positive outcomes.

This message comes from my listing for many years to Earl Nightingale who stated that our lives are a reflection of what we present. If you harbor a negative mindset and sentiment then you will present that to your other world and in turn that what you will eventually see. If your view within yourself is one of positive perspective, this will be the view from others of you. If your view of yourself is one of a negative perspective than others will tend to have that same view as well.

Wrap your perspective of your business in a positive perspective and your business bring this positive alignment into a reality. Don’t expect results the first few months or even years but it will come to past. Once you learn to walk in your positive perspective it will become natural for you and you will attract similar persons into your business and life.

Learn From What I Missed

“I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.”
― Maya Angelou

With over 35 years of championing for small businesses in 4 different industries under my belt, I now share the experiences from what I missed and learned all these years in my new workbook: WHAT I MISSED: Business Action Guide.

My team and I are always looking for new ways to help assist startups and struggling small business owners at a low cost to them. I strongly believe that we’ve accomplished it with our Business Action Guide. This guide is designed with you in mind, to get you reinvigorated about your business by providing proven steps to get solutions in your operations.
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