I carry on my key change a Skeleton Key from when I was about 24 years old and happened upon acquiring 6-7 rental properties. I had zero skill at managing or repairing properties and thought I could do what I saw many other real estate agents were doing.It end up being one of the worse choices I made because, I had no clue about how to hire a management company and ended up getting ripped of and finally losing all the properties. I acquired a couple of the properties from a former client that I realized that was just dumping the properties that had much disrepair.

Saying No would have easily prevented this experience. It was a great lesson learned. This and many experiences where I hadn’t learned how to say no kept recurring issues in my life. What I learned is you can’t please everyone and you should just not commit to every good cause, especially when those that you have already committed to have left you with no extra time.

It took me many years to learn how to say NO!!! And not feel guilty. I mistook being helpful with saying yes to those I was working with or for. I was often afraid that I would not get a sale or loss a close acquaintance. What I was fooling myself about was trying to be helpful and supportive, I did more damage to myself and often those I didn’t say NO to. I’d often end up doing something that led to frustration or I would not get the job done in good fashion.

My biggest mistake was not wanting to let anyone down. What I did often was allow work to interfere with family and personal life trying to please a boss or customer. I now realize that saying NO is very healthy and it sets a firm division between my business and personal space. I won many sales awards by being engaged and willing to go the extra mile, I however created an imbalance in my home life because I expected the income I would earn would be the answer to everything at home. Today I’ve learned that saying NO! Not rudely and respectfully leaves me time to spend time with family, get often more rest and quiet time and I come back to work more refreshed and energized.


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