As I mentioned before, I grew up on a farm with my Grandparents. My Granddad was the hardest working man I knew growing up. He would work from sunup to sundown most days during planting, cultivation and harvest season. During the winter seasons, the number of things that I remember him doing seemed endless! The most remarkable thing to me was his relationship with my Grandma. They worked from home and they somehow managed to establish a real balance between their work on the farm and their home life activities.

When I started in my early days of Real Estate Sales and working in the family business I could never come to a work life balance, nor did I realize the need for such a thing. I believed that working hard was the thing to do and I more often than I care to admit, I worked until I dropped. The fact is also, there is just so much that has to be done as an entrepreneur that there is little time to spare. Twenty-four hours in a day, minus the sleep, doesn’t really seem like that much time when you have a business to operate and build.

So, with so many hours spent on your business, my personal life like many entrepreneurs’ suffered. I didn’t understand the value of working smarter and giving time to my family which I loved dearly. The man in me, felt and was taught that if I had a great income then everything else would be fine and things would just fall into place. Needless to say that wasn’t the case.

Disconnect to connect.

Technology is an amazing thing. Entrepreneurs and people from just about all walks of life have embraced it as a necessary part of their lives. For businessmen, this has increased efficiency. However, all the notifications from cellphones, laptops, tablets (etc) become frequent interruptions and take away the focus that is required of you at home. Disconnect from it all, to connect and cherish the private moments with your loved ones. A video of a missed major event is definitely not the same as witnessing it live.

Be There and Participate

Actually help out at home. It’s easy to give into the “I worked too hard so I just need to relax when I’m home” scenario. Home life is too important. With you involved in the planning and happenings, things are bound to improve dramatically.


Talk to people. Talk to your family about what’s happening at work. Not the gritty details, just enough to relieve your stress and to let them into a part of your life, they’re not actively involved in. Talk to your business partners about what’s needed of you at home so they know not to push the envelope past what’s required.

Know Your Priorities and Stick to Them

Stay true to yourself. You should never compromise on your principles. What matters to you does so for a reason. Be honest about it and realize that anything that would jeopardize it, is not worth it.


A sound business starts from a sound home and family, which was exemplified by my Grandparents whose advantage was having a home based business. Entrepreneurship today affords business owners to operate from home and build enterprises that rival brick and mortar operations such as Michael Hyatt & Company at Inc 5000 2017 with $7.3 million in annual revenue from his home based business and Jeff walker’s online business that has help online business generate over $600 million in revenue from his home based operations in Colorado. There is a way to gain a work life balance and have a great relationship at home.

Ready For a New You?

“Don’t Confuse Having a Career with Having a Life”
― Hillary Rodham Clinton

How often have you taken a look at your career, your health, your relationships, your ministry, or life in general and felt like there was something more?

What if you’re being called to dream, imagine, or plan again in the key areas of your life?

Maybe It’s Time for a Re:Vision! 

The Re:Vision Conference is an event designed to help you focus on the areas of your life that are calling for change, discover the resources available to make the change possible, and to find support as you make those changes.

The Re:Vision Conference will feature a blend of TED-talk style presentations and interactive table chats aimed at helping you take the next step toward the change you’re being called to make.

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