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Some of Our Previous Works so You Know What to Expect

Long story short

Problem: Working with clients as an advisor, coach and collaborator, in fall of 2017, recognized they had two problems, new location had more repairs than anticipated, and their rent was coming due, the repair issues kept them from focusing on getting new business income for more than 2 months.

My Input: I did an analysis of their cost to do multiple waterline repairs to new location at market cost. Had it drafted in a presentation format and delivered to their landlord. Had them schedule a meeting with their landlord, attended the meeting as an advocate, presented landlord with $21,000.00 in expenses

Resolution: The landlord agreed to provide client with a $8,600.00 credit against their upcoming lease.

Coached a client how the value of his Consulting service was worth 10 times what he was charging, based on the value that his clients were receiving from their customers, by using my client’s service and knowledge. Increased his charges from $800.00 per engagement to $5,000.00 per engagement. When my client retrofits a home, commercial or industrial building he saves his customers as much as $500,000 to more than $3 million in lifetime energy savings, causing the buildings to breathe better, prevents moisture buildup and more.

Long story short

Long story short

Showed an Executor of an Estate (A former GM CFO), a Real Estate Agent, her buyer who were a CPA and a Sales Professional how to finance a condemned home using creative finance, construction finance and conventional mortgage finance. Ended in the build-out of a new canal front home. That creative thinking lead to 2 additional business transactions with the Executor of the Estate, the lease of a $60,000.00 CAD CAM computer system, and the raise of $750,000.00 in funding for a leverage buyout of a Tier three automotive supplier.

Helped a business owner complete all documents and walk through submission for an Offer-in-Compromise with the Internal Revenue Service, getting a reduction in tax liability from $74,000.00 to $14,000.00.

Set up a local builder with Oakland County Block Grant program, inclusive of getting his company approved for program, completion of lead-base paint certification for company, bid and was awarded several remodeling projects for company.

Long story short

Long story short

Developed a 10 year relationship with a county purchasing division, starting with a $300 weekly contract that grew into a $4,000.00 plus weekly contracts, providing services to 10 departments.

Showed a client how to take a monthly revenue generating contract from a national company, sale a stream of payments, helping them collect over $250,000 in immediate working capital.

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